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By Bezrider
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davejc64 wrote:Let's not forget this is a free version so you will get everything you have paid for, I fully expect when they get around to the next full Forza game and it's made for both Xbox and PC that it will have all the options that anyone could want and more, I actually think that making this free version is a very shrewd move as it will get the game out there with people trying it out and giving feedback on how well or not it works on all manner of systems so in a sense a form of open beta test, the crying and whinging that has come from some Xbox user over their precious Forza game being made for PC is hilarious to say the least and quite frankly childish and pathetic but what else can you expect from kids. :roll:
I fully agree with all of this but I still can't see the logic of bringing a driving game to the PC and leaving out two of the main features of a game like this.

I realise they are testing the waters here so I can partly forgive the no multi player part but to have a driving game like Forza without wheel support is just beyond belief, I could understand if it was Mario Cart but not Forza. :facepalm:
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By MadManCK
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No matter if it is free or not, they should have given the option to use your prefered control options. That is a huge tactical mistake.
Maybe they target W10 users on tablets and laptops. But last time i checked Forza was one of the better driving games on the Xbox.
It all sounds like a typical boardroom decision, done by people who do not understand gamers and the community.

Get what you paid for, lmao :lol:
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By davejc64
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Of course they could do what Atari did release a broken game and promise to do everything SOON! :loll:
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