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By TheLuigi907
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Those graphics, I was expecting an update for them but not THIS update, they're looking all pretty and realistic, even more than Driveclub's.
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By Chủ
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After reading that I lost quite a bit of my enthusiasm but I'm still interested in it as I'd like to have a new GT title on PS4, I'm quite done with GT6 already, the frame rates keep me away after I've played PS4 racing games.
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By TheLuigi907
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After thinking a little more about this I just came to the conclusion all of that "online championship" stuff just doesn't interest me, I guess I'll pass this one, I'm going to wait until GT6's true sequel. I got Driveclub to keep me entertained anyway, and Project CARS soon. :P
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By Bezrider
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Debut gameplay footage of Gran Turismo Sport, the first game in the driving simulator franchise for PS4, will be premiered this evening during a live stream of the pre-season test for the FIA Gran Turismo Championship.
A new GT Sport trailer will also be shown.

Stream Schedule

6.45pm BST – 7.00pm BST: Run down of the day’s events, news and a showcase of the brand new GT SPORT trailer
7.00pm BST – 8.30pm BST: Nations Cup Pre-Season Test and the Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships:

The Manufacturer Fan Cup Pre-Season Test
The Nations Cup Pre-Season Test

8.30pm BST – 9.00pm BST: Trophy ceremonies [1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each cup]

You'll be able to follow all the action below.
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By Miao
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Bezrider wrote:snip
Sorry but we already got a thread for that game right here: viewtopic.php?f=86&t=2062 :P
My mistake :oops:
Posts moved. ;)
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By Miao
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Release dates for PlayStation®4 title Gran Turismo Sport were announced during a Gran Turismo Sport unveiling event held on May 19th 2016, at the Copper Box in Olympic Park, London UK.

November 15th 2016
US, Asia, Japan

November 16th 2016

November 18th 2016
UK, Ireland
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By MadManCK
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#42386 ... elled.html

No beta :twisted:

Lamest excuse ever:

"In order to do a beta test we have to make a gold master of the beta test code, and for us it actually takes as much effort as to finish the real master code of the actual game."

Just finish the game than and release it without testing.... :eeek:

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