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Re: Test Drive Unlimited 3 Talk

Post by Arsinoe » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:09 pm

Hi MM, nice to see you too:).

The server is still going and it is very stable. Annica and I have been driving there on a weekly basis for the past few months. We were playing the Crew but it grew difficult to stay in the same session and we found ourselves getting pulled into unwanted missions. Unlike many of the earlier challenges (like jumps), there appeared to be no way to turn them off. We tried TDU2 again but lately we haven't been able to get into a session with other, real players. So TDU1 is now where we spend our time driving.

BTW, and off-topic, but did you see that mod, Bruma, that is supposed to be released on Nexus tomorrow? It looks really interesting.

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Re: Test Drive Unlimited 3 Talk

Post by MadManCK » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:21 am

In The Crew you can disable all "Skills" but also the Police chases. Unfortunately that does not prevent other player chases crashing your FD party, as it all takes place in the same open world.
It would have been better to do these chases seperate in some kind of lobby environment, with only Ai and the players who actually do the chase.

I do hope the Police action in TDU3 will be more immersive and fun. And less "In your face" as the Crew "solution". ;)

PS Bruma looks awesome, but that is for the Skyrim Mod section. I still have Skywind somewhere. That was supposed to be released last year.

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