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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
I tried DOGs challenge for about 45 minutes this afternoon, but the track was too crowded to really have a chance. Still a very good challenge.

Best time was 2.30.8, so luny got this one, congratz :2thumbsup:
The Crew Screenshot 2017.11.12 -
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By Korulax
Rank: Mechanic
I drove my first races. :auto-driving:
The track is more difficult than I thought
and has some pitfalls in the Peto ;)
2017-11-12 (1).png
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By Beardroid91
Rank: Petrol Head
Not fast enough Koru :mrgreen:

Had my first session, got a few nice nightrider run in, and did a 2:33.718 my 5th run, so i think there is way more left in it, but damn it is technical with the troll braking where the car sometimes just bounces and skips over the road ... so no divebombing the corners or you will get rekt :lol:

But nice challenge, more in my wheelhouse than the tricky track challenge.

The Crew2017-11-13-1-5-32.jpg
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By Korulax
Rank: Mechanic
Here is my best run in "Miners Run" :D
Unfortunately, 2 was half of the route with heavy rains.
I switched from sports to FA,
I think that the car works a bit better. :think:
2017-11-14 (1).png
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By Beardroid91
Rank: Petrol Head
FA, how naughty Koru :naughty:

I had another better more smooth run on it and did 2:32.206 through the traffic mess on slightly damp roads, so when it is dry roads with less traffic it can be much faster.

The Crew2017-11-14-2-46-32.jpg
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By Ralph68
Rank: Learner Driver
Very nice run guys! :rightthumbup:

I had a couple nice runs tonight myself first running a 2:33.076 then ran a 02:31.510 both runs were in hardcore and cockpit view w/H shift.
The roads were very wet tonight had to call it before I wanted to.

On a side note my new secret weapon will arrive tomorrow but as I'm told not allowed to use it till December 25th. :rightthumbup:

02:31.510 Hardcore/Cockpit view w/H shift
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