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By Beardroid91
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MadManCK wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:51 pm
Lol, i do not think that the boxed Intel cooler can keep that thing under 100 degrees under load. :lol:

A megahalem in P/P is still one of the best. Noctua NH14 or Scythe are very good as well. Scythe Mugen is massive. But the most quiet.
But i know that even simpeler smaller towers are very good with 2 fans. Especially if you keep your CPU within reasonable OC range.
Cooler Master and Gelid have these. And they are just around 30€.

Well, i atleast my box cooler is decent enough, i have underclocked my 4790k to 4 ghz and in games it is getting 67*c while playing and idle is 38*c 'ish, so it isn't even that bad, i installed the 140 and 120 Noctua fans in the rear and top to help cooling and it seems to help alot moving fresh air through the case. ;)

I think the Thermalright True 140 Spirit Direct is good enough, and it best all of those coolers in performance at low speed and 50-100 watt, and at the price it is one of the best ones, and i have the Noctua 140mm fan that i can mount on it for push/pull if i want to, but i doubt it is really needed.

Also here is a picture of the CPU install as the lapped copper IHS looks so nice, i used a ton of Thermal Grizzly paste on the CPU die and some on the IHS inside as well, seems to have been a good mount so far, and then some Gelid Extreme on the i paste out on the copper box of the Intel box cooler, as it would have been a waste to have it spread itself as the copper core is so small, so maybe that is were the decent box cooler temps come from. :mrgreen:

2018-02-09 16.39.12.jpg

Also i got to say it is a relief to not have a waterblock mount directly on the CPU die, as i was so scared for the longest time that it would crack when i took the waterblock of it, but luckily it didn't and it looked perfectly fine, but never doing that again... :mrgreen:

Edit. I found a picture of the Thermalright True 140 Direct mounted in a case with the EVGA GTX 1080 FTW which is basically the same card as mine, and it looks very nice and clean. 8-)


And also as a joke the True 140 Direct comes with a pair of gloves so you don't cut yourself on the sharp fins. :mrgreen:
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By MadManCK
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Beardroid91 wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:18 pm
True 140 Direct comes with a pair of gloves so you don't cut yourself on the sharp fins. :mrgreen:
Lol :lol:

If it will set your mind at easy, it is the way to go. P/P will increase performance significantly with these kind of tower air coolers. And you can let the fans run at a lower speed by doing so. Maybe with a custom temp profile.

One of the things i do worry about in my current mega project build, is the amount of fittings and connections. With each the chance of a leak increases. And some places are very hard to reach.
Maybe i should have grabbed a brand new watercooling optimized case to work with. Now i have to work with what i got.

By the time i will finish my build it will have taken a Year to complete. :roll:
But you can not anticipate all unexpected circumstances real life has to offer.

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By Beardroid91
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Yea i know all about that, but in your case, it has just been insane, i really don't know why you didn't just check into a hotel and just made it there and just be done with it, but i guess you'll get to build it soon, now it is just a shame you can't return the 1800x for a 8700K.

By the way, did tell you about the time i had a brainfart and attempted to mod my Define S's front panel? I basically cut out all the fins of the right side, i guess it was in an attempt to improve airflow, but it only made it really ugly.

So this morning i got the idea of making a mesh grill to cover it up so it isn't as ugly, so this what i came up with, as i thought i couldn't just sell it as it was, and i thought i had to improve it and make it look nicer, so imagine this mesh grill in mat black and that my idea for it.

I'll try to get it painted black tomorrow, as my mat black spray can had been outside during the winter, so it needed to be heated up to room temperature, frozen paint is no good, so i'll heat it up more in a bucket of hot water, and spray it out the mesh grills, and let the mesh grill dry in the basement as it is to cold to paint outside.

2018-02-10 16.05.02 - Kopi.jpg

But i really can't wait to make the case switch when i sell the parts, as i had been wanting a smaller case over the last couple of months, so a Define C is a cool upgrade for me. :)

Also the guy who is buying my watercooling parts, is going to watercool his i7 7700K and Asus GTX 1080 Strix, so he basically want to copy my old white tube Define S build, then buy the watercooling bits for it including the drain system etc, i mean my drain system was so nice thought it and it worked perfectly, i drained it inside my room and had no issues at all.

The rest of the parts should be easy enough to sell, but i told the guy that i would wait until he was done with his build and had all the fittings he needed etc.
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By MadManCK
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Beardroid91 wrote:
Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:33 pm
it is just a shame you can't return the 1800x for a 8700K.
Not really. After all, the 1800X will give me the horsepower i need. It is a workstation primarily and game rig secondary.
AMD deserves a chance, after a long period with mediocre CPU's. Last one i had was an Athlon. One of the best single core CPU's back than.
I do have other options to stay, but i need to build it over here. All my tools and parts are here and i really do not want to move around a watercooled rig anyway.

But i did buy it too quick, that is for sure. Never buy a brand new series of CPU and Motherboards. Rev 3 is a good start. Most starting issues will be fixed by than and the EFI/BIOS will support most common hardware.

And there are more reasons why i did not get to build it sooner.
I will have to find the patience not to rush it, as i want to avoid leaks.

And even after i have finished the raw build, i need to do bios flash on the Mobo. For some reason i think that can be tricky. I had some dead ones in the past. And Asus is stupid enough not to make a double bios on this board. So there is no back up.

And it is way more work than anticipated, as i do not want to make large modifications to the case itself. Except for the door, which will be the last piece, :geek:

The construction is still going on outside. They removed parts of the facade to create a new store front with a lot of glass. All painstakingly long construction work. So i do not think they will make the march delivery date at all. If they finish before summer it is more realistic.

Right now half of Amsterdam has the flu. Nasty one.
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By Beardroid91
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Shame, i hope you don't catch it yourself.

Also this morning i woke up to the sad news that my watercooling parts buyer is pulling out, as he apparently don't have the room for the case, as he has to downsize his office, because he is having a baby, so good for him but sucks big time for me, as i was hoping to unload a 80% of my parts in one go, but there is surely a another buying out there, but i have to wonder how big the 420 radiator marked could be, as it is nich size and only a few case can sallow it, but may do a look to do a case swap or something like it, so may have to do a bundle of the radiator and Define S, as i have no use for such a big case anymore.

My head already thinking it was a done deal, and i was thinking about Define C builds, but sadly not to be anymore.

So later today i'll open a sales thread and start on selling some of the parts etc.
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By Beardroid91
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So you know how i cracked that EK Supremacy Evo clear acrylic block top.. well i made it into a decoration for my desk, as it is a big chapter coming to an end, as watercooling have been a big part big my PC experience, but now it is time for an easy life, with out the constant risk of leaks etc, as i would be scared shitless having to turn on my PC when it had sat for a few days, as it is always in your mind .. WHEN is the leak happening .. but i have had no leaks at all, so i have be very lucky in that regard, lol i'm getting to sentimental over it. :D

But i thought this would serve as a nice reminder of my watercooling experience 8-)

2018-02-14 23.59.53.jpg

Also next on the list of things, then i have started looking for potential buyers, might have one, had a good long chat with him with all good vibes and then he says he needs time and needs to check listings etc., but i'm sure i have the best parts for sale, it is just a matter of have much i get for it, but so far, i think 240 euros for Pump, block and most of the fittings. So that leaves a few fittings and parts and the radiator + fans and my Define S. I'm thinking ball park 145 euros more - so ideally i would like to see 385 euros for it all.

And yes i said my Fractal Define S, it is not a done deal yet, but i made a bid on a Fractal Meshify C that is brand new, and only just been out of the box to see if it was okay, but yea it is 85 euros, which is way .. WAY cheaper than the current resale value, so made a bid and already had a chat with the seller and he seems nice and set on selling it.

The Meshify C is the tempered glass version of the Define C, except it got improved airflow and looks etc., so in theory i can get that new case and a great CPU cooler and for the sale value of the watercooling parts and still have money left for other projects.
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By MadManCK
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No matter what they say, or how good a manufacturer is, plexi tops can crack. It ruined one of my watercooled builds and a great GFX with it. Even if it looks cool, it is more show tuning than really functional. You need to be very careful not to tighten the fittings too strong and preferably do it only once.

Now it will make a great presse-papier on your desk :mrgreen:

My new watercooling headache still has to begin. :loll:
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By Beardroid91
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Okay i got the Fractal Meshify C for 80,6 euros with shipping which is a steal, but didn't tell him that, as i saw other shops want 97 euros for it and then 6 euro shipping on it that... So i got a very good deal, if the case is as new and untouched as he said it is.

So this means i can do a 420 radiator + fan and Define S bundle, and i think there is playing of interest for a Define S as it is really popular among watercooling and even aircooled gamers, so i think it'll go easy enough. I just hope there is a marked for it, but but i'm still trying to find a single buyer, but it is going so and i don't want to be too pushy either as they might just jump of the hook again.

Also i found a CPU cooler that i really like the performance of, right i i'm thinking the Scythe Mugen 5 rev.B as it delivers big performance numbers way above its price class, and it also looks great, imagine the top plate on the on the cooler painted gloss black and then leave the caps silver, as it would make its looks match its performance as a just being silver like it is now it looks kind of boring and uninteresting, but with the black it would look killer.

Sure the Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct is cheaper and better but it needs so much extra thermal paste, as the base isn't flat, as and it is a bigger size as it is a 140mm fan vs. the Mugen 5's 120mm fan, and then it comes to looks and then the Mugen 5 looks better imo. and i would be to run it in push/plus as well, and then it is most likely 3-4*c better.

Might be worth it to get one of the new Corsair magnetic static fans with LED to spice it up as the Meshify C has a dark tent on the glass.
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By MadManCK
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Scyte Mugen are beasts. They do top rankings for best aircoolers for years now. The earlier ones were very hard to mount, as you had to remove the stock mountings from Intel and AMD. But these type 5 seems to have more common mounting systems.

They cool as good as an average AIO watercooler, especially in P/P.

That 420 is huge, but you will find a buyer for it. :D

Case might not be worth much anymore, after your modifications to it. So you might want to lower your expectations a bit.

Performance will be great with this cooler, so go for it. :mrgreen:
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By Beardroid91
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Yea i think it would be the Mugen 5 rev.B is a beast for the size and the price.

Yea, but my 420 radiator, is a special radiator here in Denmark, as HW Labs Black Ice sells for more as it is better quality than the Alphacool alternatives, but yea it is hard to sell a stand alone 420 radiator as it is so big and hardly any cases should it, but that's kinda why i would want to sell the case and radiator together.

Also i think the case hasn't changed that much in value as it actually sells for more than i paid for it now. But anyway if i can sell it for the price i want to now then great, if them than i'll just keep trying, but Define S's go like hot cakes, so i should maybe just wait abit.

But i am wait a response from the guy who was interested in most my gear, but have not heard from him in a day now, so might just start the sales thread and see what gives.
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